Natural History and Morphology – Engines of Inspiration

A workshop dedicated to the style and substance of Dr. Carl Gans

July 15th from 8:00-2:00.

Co-Organizers – Stephanie Crofts (New Jersey Institute of Technology) and Adam Summers (University of Washington – Friday Harbor Lab)


  • Short presentations remembering how Carl wove anatomy and life history characteristics together
  • Introduction to the world of digital imagery 
  • Axes of investigation 
  • Presenters answer specific questions from participants and participants experiment with new data tools and online guides
  • Wrap up
    • How can you take advantage of the availability of 3-D morphology to make inferences about function based on observations of natural history?
    • Audience participation…get laptops/iPads going and start spinning skeletons (example: Sarcastic Fringehead)
  • Lunch

Register for the workshop when you register for the meeting, scroll down past social events to find workshop options. We suggest using Chrome, as some have had issues with other browsers.

Links to Data and FOSS for the workshop here

Principally funded by the Gans Collections and Charitable Fund, Inc

Supplemental Funding from MicroPhotonics