Data and Links

Data for the workshop can be found here (email for access)


Links to Free Open Source Software:

Horos – Segmentation/3D image viewer (MacOS)

3D Slicer – Segmentation/3D image viewer (PC)

Dragonfly – Segmentation/3D image viewer (PC)

MeshLab – Mesh manipulation (All Platforms)

Meshmixer – Mesh manipulation (All platforms)

XMALab – XROMM/VROMM workflow (All platforms)

Maya – 3D animation and modeling (All platforms – Autodesk, 3-year free download with “.edu” email)

FEBio – FEA software suite (3 programs: PreView, FEBio, PostView)

myvgl – free 3D Viewer

ITK-SNAP – free segmentation tool

DiceCT – online home for DiceCT resources

Blender – free 3D animation and modeling (All platforms)


(more links to come)